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Heaven Rewards Group

Heaven tools are set to ensure security, structure & passive income to your life

"Heaven Rewards Group is a passive rewards tool calculated off of Heaven Token transaction fees and supported by Heaven products."

Buy Heaven Token on PancakeSwap with USDT using BNB Smart Chain as a network fee following these simple steps 

On a 7 day rotation you can choose to either compound or withdraw your rewards

A weekly reward payout and compound system based on transaction fees in Heaven / USDT

Transparent results of performance will be displayed weekly with push notifications inside Heaven Eco Hub app

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7 day gains

1 month gains

Opening Soon

Opening Soon

1k Yearly Yeilds avg

Opening Soon

24/7 Live Chat 

Speak Now 

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Only 997 left of 1000

Limited supply 


12 month minimum stake

2 x instant reward

Early Adopter Box

Entering The Reward Group

The reward saving is an area that benefits from the DEX Transaction fees and also is supported by our additional product revenue

How To Enter

Decentralaised Exchange

Heaven Token is listed on Pancake swap HEAVEN/USDT, as Heaven is built on the Binance Smart Chain network you will need to also have BNB SMART CHAIN coin in your wallet to cover the Network Fees During the swap

De-fi Wallet

Trust Wallet

Meta Mask

Trustwallet Thumbnail
Metamask Thumbnail

You will require a cold wallet to interact with pancake swap to successfully acquire Heaven Token and then hold it securely

Links & Tutorials

Set up a cold wallet
prepare BNB coin network fee
How to swap USDT for Heaven


You can find the most up-to-date step-by-step videos on how to acquire Heaven Token listed here or above.

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  • YouTube

Earning with Rewards Group


Start Earning

Within only 10 minutes you can be up and running on Heaven Eco Hub



Rewards are paid in Heaven Token every Friday. These rewards can be used instantly or compounded



Our products also support the Heaven Rewards Group, adding liquidity to the coin. 30% of revenues each month.

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