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 Connect, Empower, Grow.

The ultimate platform where Soulmates come together, providing you with a unique, multifaceted experience. Discover meaningful connections, share your life's moments and explore a world of possibilities all in one app. 

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We are Soulmates - Where Connections Thrive!


Connect, make friends and network on our platform. It's more than just an app - it's a dynamic space where energies align with the right vibes and also creating meaningful connections.


🌐 Connect with like-minded individuals in a unique atmosphere that nurtures soulful connections.


📖 Story Sharing Fun: Immerse yourself in a lively environment to share your daily adventures. With our full photo editor, video capabilities and threaded discussions, storytelling becomes an art form.


💬 Connect Instantly: Utilise instant messaging along with your feeds to connect with those who share your interests.


💼 LIVE - Explore our groundbreaking tool, Soulmates LIVE, designed for content creators. Build your brand or business while enjoying the process—your gateway to a dynamic and engaged audience. Created for Digital Nomads: wellness practitioners, life coaches, yogies the list goes on Soulmates LIVE provides a global stage to share your expertise, grow your audience and expand your professional network.


Soulmates is your digital oasis—a holistic experience where connections, networking, creativity, and well-being converge. Join us on this journey of digital harmony, professional growth, and soulful connections. 🚀✨ #SoulmatesJourney #DigitalHarmony #NetworkingThrive

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Stunning UI 

Excellent user experience thanks to the stunning layout showcasing the latest in user interface simplicity for the user to navigate our entire platform. 


Choose Your Vibe

Using “zodiac and vibe choices” forms a higher level of understanding of users. When meeting people on our platform the matching algorithms increase the likelihood of chemistry. We also offer users to verify their account for an extra layer of security within the community

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Story Board 

Upload your daily story & view your friends.

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Heaven Loop Pro

Connecting our suite of software all to a smart wearable piece of technology. 

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