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 Connect, Empower, Grow.

The ultimate platform where Soulmates come together, providing you with a unique, multifaceted experience. Discover meaningful connections, share your life's moments, and explore a world of possibilities, all in one app. 

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An application that blends connection, and friendship. 


A powerful platform where energies align with Zodiac & Frequencies 


 A fun space to share your daily story on your personal and public feeds with your full photo, video editor and thread


 Instant messaging feature alongside your personal and public feeds allows you to express yourself easily


 Soulmates has incorporated a new tool called Soulspace for content creators, you can use it to build your brand or business whilst having fun

Soulspace offers wellness, fitness, and holistic creators and practitioners the opportunity to share their expertise worldwide at the same time as growing there audience using Soulmates.

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Stunning UI 

Excellent user experience thanks to the stunning layout showcasing the latest in user interface simplicity for the user to navigate our entire platform. 


Zodiac and Frequency

Using “zodiac and frequencies” forms a higher level of understanding of users. When meeting people on our platform the matching algorithms increase the likelihood of chemistry. We also offer users to verify their account for an extra layer of security within the community

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Story Board 

Upload your daily story & view your friends.

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Build your own personal brand or business, earn donations for your content, and work from home. Your audience can feed into Soulmates or be built off of it.

The purpose of this powerful tool is to provide wellness, fitness, and holistic practitioners with the opportunity to share their expertise worldwide and giving an extra dimension to building relationships.

Soulspace Branding.png
Soulspace Branding.png

Soulspace an area of Soulmates to watch, create and share your own content.


 Content creators, you can use it to build your brand or business whilst having fun


This platform is fully integrated into Soulmates and you will be able to see Soulspace activity within your profile

Soulspace is made for its community and content creators alike where you are able to donate to your favourite broadcasts and interact in numerous ways

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