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Soulmates Live Competition: Spark Your Adventure! 🌎 🛩️

Dear Free Spirits,

An adventure awaits you with the Soulmates Live Challenge - an exclusive competition with a fantastic prize for one lucky winner 🌍✨

Competition Time: Spread the Word!

This month, we're excited to announce the Soulmates Live Challenge.

Share our Facebook post by clicking above image, make sure you tag us @heavenecohub

Every 3 shares, you will have 1 ticket entered to win the grand prize!

🏆 Grand Prize Details: Adventure Awaits!

  • ✈️ Flight to Ibiza

  • 🏡 3-day Retreat House

  • 🤝 Networking Session at a Premier Coworking Space

  • 🎥 Film Crew to Capture Your Unforgettable Adventure

You have until the 17th of February to enter the prize draw! This isn't just a competition; it's an invitation to experience the digital nomad lifestyle, meet like-minded adventurers and share your experiences.

The Winner Will Experience: Curating Your Lifestyle

From incisive tips for meeting like-minded people on the road to heading out on unforgettable adventures, get ready for an unforgettable 3 day experience where networking and adventure are at the forefront.

Participate and Win: Follow, Share, Repost!

Participate now by sharing our Facebook post. Stay in the loop on our latest initiatives and become a part of a community dedicated to creating meaningful connections. Tag @heavenecohub and if you like #soulmateschallenge when you share and you might find yourself in the spotlight!

Thank you for embracing the Soulmates Live Challenge. Together, let's navigate the digital nomad lifestyle and uncover the endless possibilities that await.

Regards, The Soulmates Team 🌟

Soulmates on Android

iOS Coming Soon


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