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Navigating the legal complexities of the crypto world requires specialised knowledge. Our crypto-based law firm provides expert legal advice to help you make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks.


Whether you're a startup, investor, or established crypto entity, our seasoned attorneys will guide you through the ever-evolving legal landscape of the digital asset industry.

Build, Evolve, Protect & Claim


The Foundations

Legal Advice for Cryptocurrency Ventures

Expert guidance on the legal complexities of the cryptocurrency industry. Our team of legal experts provides essential counsel to ensure compliance, navigate regulatory challenges, and secure your cryptocurrency-based business

Crypto Company Incoporation 

Ready to establish your own cryptocurrency company? We offer comprehensive incorporation services tailored to the needs of crypto entrepreneurs. Our experts will assist you in setting up your company, ensuring you meet all legal requirements, and positioning your venture for success in the crypto space.

Document Creation T's & C's

Protect your crypto business with robust terms and conditions tailored to the unique characteristics of the blockchain industry. Our legal team specialises in crafting clear and comprehensive terms and conditions documents that safeguard your interests and outline the rules for your platform or service. Ensure legal clarity with our expert document creation services.

Staff - Contracting, Injury & Disputes

Building a strong team is crucial for any crypto venture. We provide services for staff contracting and hiring to ensure that your workforce is legally sound. Should disputes arise, our experienced attorneys will step in to mediate and resolve issues efficiently, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

Legal Disputes

In the highly volatile crypto world, legal disputes can be inevitable. Our crypto-based law firm specialises in dispute resolution, offering effective solutions to help you navigate disagreements with partners, clients, or competitors. We're committed to protecting your interests and finding efficient resolutions to legal conflicts.

Civil & Criminal Actions

When faced with civil or criminal actions related to cryptocurrency, having a dedicated legal team is essential. Our firm is well-equipped to represent you in both civil and criminal proceedings, ensuring that your rights are protected and your interests are vigorously defended. Trust us to be your legal advocates in the crypto world.

Are you a victim of's exchange deceptive practice?

Have you suffered financial losses as a result of your involvement with


It's time to take action and reclaim what's rightfully yours.

Cryptocurrencies Virtual Assets & Blockchain

The complex and rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies, virtual assets, and blockchain technology requires expert legal guidance. Our dedicated team of legal professionals specialises in providing tailored solutions to protect your interests and ensure compliance in this cutting-edge space. Whether you're launching an ICO, managing digital assets, or dealing with blockchain contracts, we offer comprehensive legal services to keep you ahead of the curve. Our in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape and emerging technologies ensures that you can confidently embrace the opportunities and mitigate risks in this dynamic industry. Trust us to safeguard your investments and empower your success in the crypto and blockchain arena.

Our specialised legal services in the crypto space for banking, finance, and real estate. Our seasoned legal team offers expertise tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Whether you're exploring crypto asset management, real estate tokenization, or innovative banking solutions, we provide strategic counsel, compliance guidance, and risk mitigation strategies. We understand the intricate regulatory environment and emerging trends, ensuring you can navigate the complexities with confidence. Trust us to protect your investments and facilitate your success in the evolving world of digital finance, real estate, and banking.

Banking, Finance & Real Estate

Meet our Lawyers

Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Assets & Blockchain 



Wallet / Custodian Licence

We guide you through the licensing process for cryptocurrency wallet and custodian services, ensuring legal compliance and security for your clients.


Market Maker / Liquidity Provider Licence

Our legal experts assist you in obtaining the necessary licenses for market making and liquidity provision in the crypto space.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence

We offer comprehensive legal support in obtaining licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring regulatory compliance and security for your platform.


Legal Opinions & Token Classification Tests

Our firm provides legal opinions and conducts thorough token classification tests to determine the legal status and compliance of your tokens or assets.


Corporate & Tax Structuring of Mining Activities

We assist in structuring the corporate and tax aspects of cryptocurrency mining activities, optimizing profitability and ensuring legal compliance.


Corporate & Tax Structuring of Crypto Profits

Our experts guide you in structuring crypto profits, managing tax implications, and optimising your financial position.


Cryptocurrencies Fund

We provide legal support for cryptocurrency funds, helping you structure and operate investment vehicles within the crypto industry.


Cryptocurrencies Broker Licence

Our legal services extend to assisting you in obtaining licenses for cryptocurrency brokerage activities.


Initial Token/Coin Offering

We guide you through the legal complexities of conducting Initial Token/Coin Offerings, ensuring compliance with securities and crypto regulations.


Security Token Offerings

Our legal team specialises in Security Token Offerings (STOs), ensuring regulatory compliance for tokenized securities.


Business Development Banking

We offer advisory and management services to support your business development within the crypto space, helping you explore opportunities and manage risks.

Licensed Virtual Financial Assets Agent Services

Our firm provides advisory services for licensed virtual financial assets agents, ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient operations.


We offer cybersecurity expertise to protect your crypto assets and data from threats and vulnerabilities.

Systems Auditing

Our services include systems auditing to ensure the security and integrity of your crypto-based systems.

Corporate Services

We provide a range of corporate services tailored to the needs of crypto businesses, from registration to compliance management.

Tax Advice

Our tax experts offer cryptocurrency-specific tax advice to help you navigate the tax implications of your crypto ventures.

Book-keeping, Accounting, and Auditing Services

We offer comprehensive financial services, including bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing, to maintain financial transparency and compliance for your crypto ventures.

We provide guidance for obtaining wallet and custodian licenses, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and bolstering your reputation as a secure custodian of digital assets.


Our expertise helps you secure licenses for market makers and liquidity providers, enabling seamless and compliant crypto trading operations, attracting more traders and investors.

We assist crypto exchanges in obtaining and maintaining licenses, ensuring that you meet the legal requirements to operate securely and in compliance with relevant regulations.

Our legal opinions and token classification tests help you confidently navigate the crypto market, ensuring that your digital assets are correctly classified and legally sound.

Our strategic corporate and tax structuring services optimize your crypto mining activities, helping you maximise profitability while staying compliant with tax regulations.

We assist in structuring your crypto profits efficiently, minimising tax burdens and ensuring that your financial operations are in full compliance with tax laws


Our services facilitate the establishment and management of cryptocurrencies funds, helping you navigate investment regulations and attract investors with confidence.

We guide you in obtaining broker licenses for crypto transactions, ensuring legal compliance and secure operations.



Our legal support for initial token/coin offerings helps you raise capital through compliant means, gaining trust and confidence from investors.



We specialise in security token offerings, ensuring legal compliance and security for your tokenized assets, attracting investors looking for regulated opportunities.


Our services extend to supporting your business development and expansion in the crypto industry, providing strategic advice and regulatory guidance, facilitating growth and diversification of your crypto ventures.


Our licensed agent services for virtual financial assets ensure your compliance with local regulations and facilitate smooth financial operations.


Our cybersecurity services strengthen your defenses against cyber threats, protecting your crypto assets and transactions from vulnerabilities and attacks.

Our systems auditing ensures that your crypto operations meet industry standards, enhancing trust and security for your customers and partners.



We provide a range of corporate services tailored to crypto ventures, including entity formation, compliance, and governance, supporting the growth and stability of your business.

Our comprehensive tax advice for crypto-related activities helps you optimize your tax strategy, reduce liabilities, and ensure full compliance with tax laws.

Our professional book-keeping, accounting, and auditing services maintain transparent financial records, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and facilitating effective financial management.

Banking, Finance & Real Estate



 Corporate Restructuring, Tax, Stamp Duty, and Admissibility of Documents

Our legal experts offer comprehensive guidance on corporate restructuring, tax implications, stamp duty, and the admissibility of documents within the crypto and blockchain space, ensuring your financial transactions remain compliant and efficient.


Asset Finance

We provide tailored legal solutions for asset financing in the cryptocurrency industry, helping you secure the necessary resources for your crypto ventures while maintaining legal compliance.


Corporate Lending

Our firm assists in structuring and managing corporate lending arrangements, enabling your business to secure capital while adhering to legal frameworks.


Creation, Perfection, and Registration of Security Documents

We specialise in creating, perfecting, and registering security documents to safeguard your assets and investments, reducing the risks associated with crypto-based transactions.


Finance Agreements

Our legal team drafts and reviews finance agreements that meet the unique needs of crypto enterprises, ensuring legal clarity and protection.


Leveraged Finance

We offer expertise in leveraged finance, providing you with options to maximise your capital and investments while managing associated risks.


Out-of-Court Enforcement of Security Documents

When security documents need to be enforced, our firm has the experience and resources to handle these proceedings efficiently, protecting your interests.


Project Finance

We support crypto projects by structuring and managing their finances, facilitating the successful execution of initiatives while adhering to legal regulations.


Real Estate Finance in Crypto

For real estate transactions within the crypto space, our services encompass legal support in real estate finance, ensuring the smooth and legally compliant execution of such transactions.


Restructurings and Refinancings

We provide expertise in the restructuring and refinancing of crypto ventures, helping you adapt to changing market conditions while maintaining legal compliance.


Real Estate Dispute Specialists

In the event of real estate-related disputes, our legal team specialises in real estate dispute resolution, ensuring your real estate investments are protected and disputes are resolved efficiently.


Our expert legal advice helps you optimise your corporate structure, minimise tax liabilities, address stamp duty concerns, and ensure the admissibility of essential documents. This results in greater financial efficiency and reduced legal risks.


We assist in securing financing for your crypto-related assets, ensuring that your capital is efficiently utilised. This helps you acquire the necessary resources to grow and expand your crypto venture.



Our corporate lending services help you access the capital you need to fund your crypto projects. We ensure that lending agreements are fair and balanced, safeguarding your financial interests.



We handle the legal intricacies of creating, perfecting, and registering security documents. This ensures the protection of your assets and collateral, reducing the risk of disputes and financial losses.



Our team drafts, negotiates, and reviews finance agreements specific to the crypto industry, providing you with legally sound financial instruments that align with your business objectives.



We guide you through the complexities of leveraged finance transactions, helping you access capital while managing risk effectively. This results in more strategic use of leverage for your crypto ventures.


In the event of defaults or breaches, our legal support ensures efficient out-of-court enforcements, minimising disruptions to your business operations and financial security.



We provide specialised guidance on project finance for your crypto initiatives, helping secure funding and navigate the complexities of financing crypto-related projects.



For real estate transactions in the crypto space, our legal solutions ensure secure and compliant financial transactions, protecting your real estate investments.



Our assistance in restructuring and refinancing crypto ventures allows you to adapt to market changes and optimize your financial strategies for long-term growth.



Our legal team specializes in resolving real estate disputes, offering efficient and effective solutions to safeguard your real estate investments and financial interests.

If you would like to discuss further do not hesitate to book a consultation now.

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