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Heaven Token

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HEAVEN TOKEN will be launching on Bitmart very soon

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Heaven Token Live Data

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A utility token that is committed to its community & investors

 “Heaven Token | Eco Hub is built upon several pillars that share the same values. Through holistic development, learning and community building a combination of tools will foster growth, empowerment, and security for its community"

We are passionate about our craft and dedicated to creating new groundbreaking technologies based on helping its community through support & knowledge.  

We currently have 3 major products which circulate the Heaven Token in our eco-system and externally

We believe in transparency and would be delighted to answer any questions you have in our chat

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Low Gas Fees

Instant Transactions

Digital Wallet

Passive Rewards

45 FIat Currencies

60+ Networks 

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Early Retirement Planing 

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Heaven Token Explained

Welcome to Heaven Token

In the Heaven Eco Hub Project, the Heaven Token powers our products, which in turn, returns ~30% of product's revenues back to the Heaven Token on decentalised & centralised exchanges in full transparency on a monthly repeating schedule. 

Heaven Token is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network and can be found on BSC Scan.


Heaven Token Contract Address


 View Heaven Token on BSC Scan - 


Token Features

​Heaven Token is hard coded into all of our products and is designed to be used for the following features 

1. Asset Yielding & Rewards Savings Group - 

2. Stable Currency supported by its own companies multiple product revenues 

3. Crowdfund using Heaven Dreams 

4. COMING SOON - Direct & instant "asset to any fiat currency" on off ramping from main wallet to visa card end-to-end solution.

Asset Yielding Systems

The Heaven Token is compatible with our asset yielding systems via smart contracts inside our lifestyle management system, with the first product available now being the reward saving group. Heaven Tokens are realised through our Token Check in & on / off ramp service, once realised, they will display at the USDT Value inside your main wallet, ready to be used with internal products, for example Heaven Reward Saving Group. 

Available Now inside the LMS - Dream Creator, Reward Saving Group

Coming Soon - Passive Rewards Group and Nest Eggs.

P2P Ads “Coming Soon”

Like Google, Facebook, TikTok, and a number of other large community channels, Heaven Eco Hub will also have an internal platform for P2P / B2P advertising. In this way, 30% of Ads revenue will be allocated to the Heaven Token each and every month


Apps Store Revenue “Buy Back System”

Our Heaven Token buy back system allocates 30% of our App Store products subscriptions, ads revenue & products each and every month. This includes Heaven Soul Mates and Soul Space as well as Heaven Dreams "dream success fee" on completion of each dream. You can learn more about Heaven Tokens utilities here. Click here to learn more

Enter Heaven Soul Mates

Powered by Heaven Token

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Sign Up / Log In to Heaven Soul Mates

Start your journey, Invite and show Soul Mates to others in your network

Enjoy the app & its features

Use our flagship feature connect that matches people with Vibe & Mindset

Subscriptions & Ads

Ads will be shown to non-subscribers, but subscribing to the app will remove all advertisements.

Watch us grow

We will update our growth in full transparency here every 24 hours

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