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Heaven Lawyers Powered by Heaven Token, Launches with "Effected Parties" Action Against Hyperverse

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Heaven Lawyers, a pioneering collaborative crypto firm that is set to operate alongside the innovative cryptocurrency, Heaven Token. Heaven Lawyers is making a powerful entrance into the cryptocurrency world with its first major move, ensuring people involved with Hyperverse have there investment funds individually stated on the debtors list.

Comprehensive Services for the Crypto Community

Heaven Lawyers, in collaboration with Heaven Token, offers a range of specialised services designed to guide, protect, and empower the crypto community:

Legal Compliance: Heaven Lawyers ensures

that cryptocurrency projects adhere to local and international legal frameworks, paving the way for responsible and compliant operations.

Security and Fraud Prevention: Protecting cryptocurrencies from security breaches and

fraudulent activities that can tarnish the reputation of this innovative sector.

Smart Contract Auditing: Rigorous smart contract audits to enhance security, mitigate risks, and fortify the foundations of cryptocurrency projects.

Token Launch and ICO Guidance: Assisting crypto startups in navigating the complex world of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and token launches, ensuring they remain within the bounds of regulatory requirements.

Dispute Resolution: Expert guidance in mediating and resolving disputes that may arise within the dynamic and fast-paced crypto industry.

A Bold Step: Major Claim Against Hyperverse

As Heaven Lawyers launches its mission to guide and protect cryptocurrencies, it is taking a bold step by initiating proceedings against Hyperverse, a project that has raised eyebrows within the crypto community.

This significant move signifies Heaven Lawyers' unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability within the cryptocurrency industry. The claim against Hyperverse is a clear demonstration of their role as a driving force for responsible and ethical practices in the crypto world. Heaven Lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that the crypto landscape remains a place of integrity and innovation.

The Future of Heaven Lawyers and Heaven Token

With the crypto industry continuing its exponential growth, Heaven Lawyers and the Heaven Token are poised to become pivotal players in shaping the crypto legal landscape.

Their vision extends beyond legal counsel; it represents a mission to educate, empower, and foster responsible growth within the crypto community.

Heaven Lawyers and Heaven Token will continue to adapt, innovate, and offer unwavering support to the crypto community. As the crypto revolution surges forward, this partnership aims to provide the legal guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of the crypto world, ensuring innovation and compliance remain at the forefront.

In conclusion, Heaven Lawyers, powered by Heaven Token, has arrived as a powerful force in the crypto legal sector. Their major claim proceedings against Hyperverse underscores their dedication to upholding transparency and accountability within the crypto industry, making them a prominent advocate for responsible practices in the world of cryptocurrencies.


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