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How to Enjoy Avakin Life with MOD APK Features (Skins, XP, etc.)

Last night I try this game , is was perfectly fine but still lagging when I close game and open again is show I don't wearing anything so I need to dress up bck like 3 times this morning is show I don't own any items this mod is so good Hope u fix you thank you for this mod again ur life saver

This game is called Avakin life. Only few games have ability to keep your engaged with the game and this game is surely one of them. Avakin life is an adventure game. Its a virtual world game in which you will create your own avatar.

avakin life mod


Official games are available in their apk forms and yes, avakin life apk is also available in its standard form. This game is totally free to download. Gameplay of this adventure game is really an addiction. You can do anything in game. Find job and earn money. You can implement all your creativity in this wonderful game. Build your own beautiful house and invite your friends for get-together.

You can get free unlimited money by downloading modified version of this game.Q. Can I download mod apk of avakin life from play store?No this is an official version so you can not download this mod version from Google play store. Advertisements

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It is not wrong when you come to Avakin Life, the game connects perfectly to what I just mentioned above. Like the second life closed in the open world, now do whatever you like! Become a role model, have you thought? Combine with a fashion brand, hairstyle, or tattoo to create a unique personality. Join millions of players around the globe, you always catch up with the new trend of the world.

Lockwood Publishing is a publisher specializing in producing virtual 3D social games for mobile devices. These stylish games always create a new and unique way, when people can freely create their own life. And the most recent is Avakin Life, a stunning 3D virtual world simulation game released on April 22, 2016. Since its launch, this game has been highly appreciated by the community of players around the world. Typically, the game has reached 50 million installs on Google Play and App Store. Really, this is a large enough number to make many young people curious and want to experience.

Most of the players in Avakin Life are the protagonists and they are players from around the world. This means that your device needs to be connected to the internet to be able to log in and experience the game. You should be sociable as well as make friends with other players to create good relationships. They will help you a lot at work as well as many other issues in life. The special thing is that this game allows players to freely chat with others. Dating and making friends with the opposite sex without following any rules.

If you are a lover of role playing games, then here is a game whose name is Avakin life which is an open world game which means you are completely free in it. You can roam anywhere in this game because you are a free player in it and you can do anything. This game gives you a complete world where you can live your dream life according to your wish. You can start your new life without any limitations and restrictions which means this game is going to be an addiction for you.

Avakin life gives you a chance to live a great life in this game so you can create your own avatar in it. Chat with the people around you and impress them with your qualities and skills. This is a fun game to play and it has a very awesome user interface. It will never lag because this game is fully optimized, that's why it runs very smoothly.

Avakin life is an open world game where you create different opportunities for your player to make this game exciting. Create new trends and fashion to become popular among other people. This game can help you to divert your mind which means you can never get bored from it as it is so much fun for you. Buy your own house and have a party with your favorite people. Avakin life has endless fun for you so just get this game and enjoy.

The Avakin game is also known for its high resolution graphics because it has 3D graphics which give quite realistic results while playing. It has very awesome visual effects which makes it more enjoyable and entertaining. You will never miss a tiny detail because of 3D graphics and good detailing. These things make this game great, that's why everything looks real in it. There are very cool sound effects which bring fun while playing the Avakin life game.

Not all role playing games offer you this amazing feature but Avakin life game gives you this option. You can create your own look which means you can choose eyes, hair, height, face, color, nose, body and more to create your own avatar. This feature is very amazing because you can surprise your friends by showing your avatar in game. There are also some built-in characters which you can choose if you want. But thegood thing is that complete customization is available in it.

As mentioned above, it is an open world game which is why it has many awesome locations to visit. This is also a main reason why you will never get bored from it because this game gives you a life to live according to your wish. You can travel to different places in this game to create opportunities for your player and make friends while traveling. You can also travel with your friends which is surely a great feature of this game.

No! you need an internet connection to play the Avakin life game on your mobile device.Q. Do I need a high end mobile device to play the Avakin life game?Not really because this game is not that heavy in size. Because it is around 150 MBs and you just need updated android or IOS software to run this game. 4.05 / 5 ( 266 votes )Recommended for YouCar Simulator 2 Pro Apk

Avakin Life is a virtual world simulation game where you can become whatever you want. Create avatar just like you want and roam in virtual world. There are thousands of awesome style options which you can adopt. Design your own house in game and decorate it according to your need. There are thousands of fashion items which you can buy and adopt in game. This game is just like real-life simulator. 3D graphics and amazing sound effects deliver the best gameplay experience on mobile phone.

You can buy anything in this game without spending money on it. It is an anti-ban version so your account will remain safe and secure. Party with your friends and enjoy the life in game. It has mod menu with lots of mod features which you can enable and disable while playing game. Below are the main features of this simulator game.

This game is completely based on real life terminologies that you have to survive to live. Overcome daily hurdles in game and provide your character a good and healthy life. You can build your own house in this game live there. Creating your house in game costs you money so you have to work on a job. Get a job and earn money in game. Design and decorate your own house according to your wish. The game just follows the real-life simulation where you need money to buy anything. There are so many jobs available and you can choose job of your choice.

Avakin Life delivers amazing and interesting gameplay. Make your Sim life better and help your character to enjoy every moment of life. You can make new friends in game and interact with them. Party all night and enjoy this game. Invite or get invitation on a party and enjoy with your game friends. You can earn all day long and then enjoy party. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself in game such as hanging out with friends or party all night. Meet girls and develop relationship with them.

However, sometimes we are looking for games that could deliver the same experience available in regular life. Such is the Avakin Life experience. We can make life choices completely different from the ones we did. This way, we can end up being different people than we are in real life. The main goal of this game is becoming way more fashionable and glamorous than we achieved in the real world. Not only can you buy pieces from the top fashion brands in the world, as you can easily build your dream house.

Playing Avakin Life, you will find a lot of opportunities to socialize with people from all around the world on several social occasions. You can receive people in your glamorous apartment, visit your friends, meet people working, or in the nightlife. Avakin Life delivers you the social life you always dreamed of.

As the game suggests, you can do everything in Avakin Life that you would do in your regular life. The difference is that you can choose much more freely who you want to be, and simply change anything as you wish. Everything from your name to your wardrobe can be changed in a matter of seconds. Using your creativity, you can create every kind of character to serve as your avatar in Avakin Life. Among several options of skin color, hair, clothes, accessories, and tattoos, you can look like, talk like, and act like anyone you want to. Use your imagination and build yourself a digital persona to spend time in this rich and glamorous environment!

Life simulation games are always famous that allow gamers to do everything they want without any limitations like a sandbox game. And Avakin life is one such game, an unofficial clone version of The Sims Mobile.

Coming to Avakin Life, you will be immersed in a beautiful modern 3D world on mobile. A place where you can connect, meet, party, make friends with anyone all over the world, a second virtual life for you to experience the way you dream of

Just like in real life, you need to work to earn money and increase your income. Fortunately, Avakin Life does not require any experience or qualifications for players to freely choose the job they like.

Designed in a realistic style combined with sharp, vivid and detailed 3D rendering. Avakin Life can be considered as one of the life simulation games with the most beautiful and impressive graphics ever appearing on the mobile platform.

In Avakin Life MOD APK you can dress up, and decorate your own place. you can visit open apartments, take care of your pets, build new clothes, level up, use animations, buy furniture, and much more all in your second life, Avakin Life and all these things you can for free.


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