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Whats new inside the education centre!

Welcome to Heaven’s first LMS live blog.

Included in today’s blog update we will be shedding light on a few subjects that you may not have fully understood their purposes as of yet. So firstly, let’s get started with the Live Education Centre that is opening up, what it offers and its specific purposes.

The Education centre is here in the app for users to find extracurricular knowledge, for courses that’re internal to the Education centre or for external subscribed courses. The first course that has been made available is Heaven’s Internal Webinar Classes, these are classes where users can book an allocated slot set at time that suits them. These classes will be running everyday and will have an allocated Heaven core team worker there in real time to help new users become familiar with using the Heaven Eco Hub app. Multiple time slots will be made available in order to cover users that will be tuning in from all corners of the world.

These courses are important as they will help break down all the features that users have at their disposal within the Heaven Eco Hub app, from navigating and booking multiple courses within the Education centre, keeping up to date with the Heaven’s webinar events and festivals. We are allowing users to both have the option to learn from a core team member or if they would like to otherwise do so, they can access the self-learning centre which has pre record videos and extra curriculum courses.

As Heaven is a new platform that aims to bring all areas of your life together into one manageable app, be it, financial asset yielding and earning a passive income, to, bettering your education and finding a career that better suits your characteristics and needs to finally, experiencing love and wellness through Heaven Soul Mates and the Spiritual and wellness centre, this umbrella app offers and provides all of this within and operating on the principles off community support help and spirit

We look forward to welcoming new users into the webinar and helping you all to start your journey of working towards a better life within the Eco Hub, for a better future and a better tomorrow.

This is a place where users, both new and old can keep up to date with updates, courses, features and events that are happening within the app. It is also a place where members will be able to share their own events and give feedback on their experiences while navigating the Heaven Eco Hub application. We would like to keep this blog as a safe space for users to use and interact with one another.

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