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What To Expect During the Heaven Token Verification & KYC Period Leading up to the ICO

It is my pleasure to have you in our latest newsletter. This week's newsletter is more of an informational piece to help you navigate the pre-ICO period. We will share vital insights and recommended actions. The transition from Tier 3 exchanges to Tier 1 and Tier 2 exchanges requires accurate valuation and safeguarding of your investment.

Note: Please refer to our official step-by-step guide below for detailed information on how to verify your Heaven Tokens and complete KYC requirements.


Confidence in your investment 

We want to ensure token holders have a seamless experience as we transition exchanges In order to assist and provide enhanced benefits, we are offering a pre-ICO KYC period, which guarantees your investment and unlocks exciting growth opportunities in our investor portal as well as future portal registered bonuses.

Why Participate in the Pre-ICO KYC Period?

During this interim period, token holders have the exclusive opportunity to secure their tokens at the ICO listing price, protecting them against market fluctuations. In addition, holders who purchased above the listing price is any seed rounds may take advantage of our 1:1 ICO matching program, securing and potentially building their positions due to the final adjustments with the Heaven Token final tokenomics which are now set in stone after a lot of careful thought and advice.

After KYC completion - Stake?

By staking your tokens for a minimum period of 6 months, you unlock access to a guaranteed 12% annual return on your investment. Staking not only facilitates the growth of your investment but also establishes a stable asset-yielding environment, leading to daily passive payout rewards that can be claimed monthly or progressively enhance the value of your holdings.

The Choice is yours

Secure your token future and unlock the full potential of your investment. Take advantage of this unique opportunity. We provide you with options that align with your goals, whether you decide to hold onto your tokens or explore the benefits of staking.

Stay Informed Stay Secure

In order to stay informed, please keep following our official channels. You will receive regular updates regarding the pre-ICO KYC process as well as the transition to Tier 1 and Tier 2 exchanges. We ask that you only use links from this blog or our official website.

Step-by-Step Guide: Safeguarding Your Investment

Below, you'll find a step-by-step guide to navigate the pre-ICO period seamlessly. From securing your tokens to exploring growth opportunities through staking

Conclusion: Participating in the pre-ICO KYC period ensures not only your investment, but also your full integration into the Heaven Eco Hub project.

Note: Compliance with KYC procedures is essential for participation. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our official step by step guide for detailed information.


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