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Heaven Token Warns Against - Harbouring Fraudulent & Nefarious Crypto Trading Environment

Updated: May 12

In light of more than one significant issue detected by the Heaven Token Team on the Exchange, we hereby advise all Heaven Holders to promptly withdraw their tokens from the Exchange and undergo the requisite KYC verification procedures. Please use the link below.


Whats inside this holder notice

  • Violation of KYC regulations

  • Unregulated API settings for non KYC accounts

  • Aggressive Volumes Bot (internal) Warning for new project listings

  • Coercive Team Culture - Adding capital to feed into their illegal USDT draining systems

  • MM attacking trigger bot (activated on large price fluctuations)

  • Insider trading - From pre planned events and internal discussions

  • Internal Market manipulation on paying listing partners

  • A full parasitic history

  • Fake inflated user base

  • Unfulfilled partnership promises (marketing expectations)

  • Non responsive upon any information to explain multiple recorded attacks on Heaven Token (No Proof given) resulting in suspisions of intenral operations.

If you have encountered similar circumstances, please contact the Legal Department of Heaven Token to initiate your case alongside ours. Visit for further assistance.

Some Background

Heaven Token is a fully incorporated company that takes pride in its commitment to adhering to and cementing the future of crypto policy & financial compliancy, thereby serving as a role model within the industry. Additionally, we actively support via our legal department emerging projects and initiatives while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Heaven Eco Hub is a long term project targeted around merging technology and lifestyle. Specifically we have identified three pillars of life that are paramount to the development of an individual throughout their life so once they help them selves then they can use the tools to help others.

"Our mission is simple we want to give people the tools to nurture their social, financial and personal wellbeing" CEO of Heaven Token & Eco Hub

We at Heaven are continually striving to ensure a safe and secure trading environment. Our experience with XT exchange has been invaluable, providing us with insights into how hostile and parasitic the crypto environment can be when partnered with the wrong entities.

During our time listed with XT, several areas of concern have arisen. This publication is not intended to threaten, but rather to serve as a warning and first hand insight for budding projects and fellow hopefuls in the industry.

Technology industry is both perilous and exhilarating, with much to gain and everything to lose in a split second. As much of our board transitioned from a more traditional business background, we recognised the importance of establishing a solid foundation for our operations. This not only ensures our success but also enables us to confidently defend against any nefarious activity.

Throughout our relationship with XT, we have observed unexplained aggressive bot activity targeting our coin within the confines of their exchange. This relentless onslaught of attacks occurred incessantly, requiring us to constantly supply more capital to the exchange in attempts to mitigate the situation.

Despite our efforts, the issue persisted, with assurances from XT that such activity was normal.

We provided numerous opportunities for XT to rectify their operating procedures, and for a brief period, we enjoyed a transparent and faultless environment as we had hoped, although a great change it also confirmed our fears that the attacks were coming internally from XT. However, as success breeds greed, anomalies began to surface once again.

We discovered evidence of calculated and bot-driven aggressive market manipulation, actions that would typically go unnoticed. Upon careful analysis, we reported our findings, only to be met with staunch defense and condonation of such behavior from our trusted exchange.

It is truly disheartening and quite frankly an abuse of power that a reputable central exchange, whose primary clientele consists of new projects seeking to list their tokens, would engage in such clandestine and evidently nefarious practices.

Severe Warning: Avoid Listing on XT.COM Exchange

Heaven token, now has suspended trading and currently in process of de listing on the XT.COM exchange out of our choice, after encountering numerous alarming issues raising suspicions about the exchange's unethical, manipulative, and potentially illegal practices which are uncovered below

The surprising revelation is that we have received an email from XT, indicating that they will be updating their systems on the 15th of May due to their ongoing issues. In light of multiple instances of similar behaviour and other concerns, we have decided not to continue our engagement with the exchange, prioritising the protection of our holders.

Heaven Token alleges the following critical concerns with XT.COM:

Violations of Trading Policies and Market Manipulation: XT.COM has deployed an aggressive volumes bot that has negatively impacted the Heaven Token market, violating trading policies and engaging in market manipulation on which the Heaven Token Cutomers have contacted us about experiencing the same enviroment we identified.

Lack of Transparency and Cooperation: XT.COM has failed to provide transparent disclosure of the volumes bot's actions and algorithms.

Coercive Tactics and Hostile Environment: XT.COM has employed coercive tactics, creating an uncooperative environment that undermines the partnership's integrity.

Failure to Fulfill Commitments: XT.COM has not delivered on promised marketing support, including AMAs and promotions, as agreed upon during the listing process.

Insider Trading Concerns: Heaven Token has raised concerns about potential insider trading activities, which have gone unaddressed since May 5th 2023.

Heaven Token cautions all cryptocurrencies to avoid listing on XT.COM at all costs

In response to the alleged illegal activities, market manipulation, lack of transparency, and failure to uphold commitments observed on the exchange platform, Heaven Token has implemented new policies. Moving forward, we will exclusively engage with Tier 1 & Tier 2 Exchanges that comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and maintain a highly reputable status. This strategic decision aims to dissociate Heaven Token from the purported misconduct associated with XT.COM.

This stern warning serves to caution other companies regarding the potential risks associated with listing on XT.COM. We urge them to exercise utmost caution and conduct thorough investigations into the exchange's practices before contemplating any partnership. Should you require assistance or further information, please feel free to contact us at

Our discussions have brought to light several troubling issues, chief among them being violations of trading policies and market manipulation and very damaging effects on new budding companies with an overview explaination such as a "blood sucking parasite"

Due to the sensitivity of the situation, information has been withheld from this article pending future proceedings, and will be disclosed upon final verdicts.



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