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Bitcoin Halving Complete. Last Weeks Market Rebound & HEAVEN TOKEN Climbs

Heaven Token Climbs - going from strength to strength

Position #4003 to #1080 on CoinMarketCap!

This week's newsletter is following an action packed week of news. It hasn't been all smiles for everyone but here in the Heaven offices we are over the moon and after the successful launch of our Caribbean marketing campaign. The overwhelming response has led to our expansion into new major cities, including parts of South Asia and the UK. But first, let's take a look at the trials and tribulations from the past week in the cryptocurrency world.

BTC dip in halving apprehension

In last Friday's trading session, Bitcoin encountered its most significant drop in over a month, sparking a cascade of speculative cryptocurrency position liquidations. Initial data reveals that Bitcoin plummeted by 7.5% to $65,214 at one juncture, before making a partial recovery, ultimately concluding the day with a drop exceeding 4%. Ethereum, in a parallel trajectory, experienced a 12% dip at its lowest point, marking its most substantial intraday decline since November 2022, with the final drop narrowing to over 8%.

During this tumultuous period, Coinglass data indicates approximately $780 million worth of bullish cryptocurrency bets were liquidated within 24 hours. Escalating geopolitical tensions have stirred financial markets, prompting a flight to safer assets such as bonds and the US dollar, while riskier assets like Bitcoin faced abandonment.

Despite recent turbulence, Bitcoin has still enjoyed a year-to-date surge of approximately 60%, partially fuelled by anticipation surrounding the upcoming halving event slated for April 20th. Ravi Doshi, market director at FalconX, noted an influx of buyers entering the market in anticipation of next week's halving event, seeking to capitalise on this strategic opportunity.

However, a closely monitored indicator in the options market suggests growing apprehension among investors ahead of the halving. Previously signalling bullish sentiment, the indicator has now shifted, indicating a sense of nervousness. Kaiko Research's report highlighted a significant uptick in implied volatility of Bitcoin options over the past week, reversing the previous week's downward trajectory.

Analyst Adam McCarthy noted that a surge in implied volatility typically reflects diminishing confidence among market participants regarding future price movements. Heightened implied volatility often prompts traders to pay higher premiums to hedge existing positions or speculate on potential price fluctuations, whether upward or downward.

That is relevant to the macro market yet Heaven has seen a different week in comparison

Launch in the Caribbean and expansion plans

A resounding success has been achieved by our recent marketing efforts in the Caribbean. As a result of the positive reception and engagement from users, we are expanding into new markets. We are excited to announce our upcoming launch in key locations throughout the UK and parts of South Asia. We are marking a key milestone in our journey towards global impact and reach with this expansion.

App Enhancements and Service Improvements

To ensure you have an even better user experience, we have worked diligently to enhance the Heaven Soulmates app in addition to our expansion plans. Heaven Soulmates is committed to ensuring your experience with the site is nothing short of exceptional, from fine-tuning matchmaking algorithms to strengthening security measures. As a result of the anticipated increase in user activity, we have implemented necessary server upgrades, ensuring seamless service for our growing community.

Heaven Token: Value Growth and Future Prospects

We are seeing a significant increase in the value of Heaven Token as a result of these developments. This is a testament to the trust and support our community and investors have shown us. In light of the future trajectory of Heaven Token as we continue to innovate and develop our products, we remain optimistic about its future. We stay steadfast in providing top-notch service in order to bring positive change to the world of online connections.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting announcements as we move onto this new phase of expansion and growth. Until then, let's continue spreading love and positivity wherever we go!

Warm regards,

Joshua & Heaven Team


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