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Executive Profiles

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Adam James Creedy

Founder & CEO

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Joshua Benard

"COO" Chief Operations Officer 

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Juan Ramon

"CLO" Chief Legal Office


    Joost Van Dem Broek

    Executive Advisor

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    Giuseppe Onorato

    "CFO" Chief Financial Officer

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    Lead Front End Manager

    Muhammad Ali


    Lead Heaven Portal Manager

    Sraya Mohandas

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    Fintech Ambassador

    Rick Chandler


    Lead Backend Architect



    Head of Technical Development

    Prashant Gupta


    Server Security & Architect


    Heaven Eco Hub

    "Heaven Eco Hub is an innovative and bespoke technology platform equipped with essential tools for the new era, supporting individuals in friendship & companionship, securing financial stability, and nurturing personal well-being. Our mission is to successfully build wellness and life management technology maintaining an enhanced and stable future."

    Story Line

    2023-2024 +

    The global Launch 

    We are thrilled to announce the full launch of Phase 1 of our wearable technology, alongside the highly adaptive networking and wellness application, Heaven Soul Mates. Additionally, we are unveiling the investor portal, created to offer a safe, secure, and trusted environment for our investors who share our mission to make a significant impact on many lives. This phase also includes the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of Heaven Token and full KYC compliance, following thorough testing on central exchange markets.


    The Build and getting ahead of the game 

    The completion of the entire project's technology, with over a year of pre-built advancements, allows us to carefully introduce new features each quarter. This strategy ensures security and stability without the need for beta stages. By meeting our targets, we maintain technology that is consistently more than a year ahead.


    Start of Heaven Eco Hub

    The story began with a bold vision: to give people back the gift of time. The mission was clear, and the path was meticulously crafted. Starting from the end goal, the project’s architecture was designed with precision, building each step backwards to ensure every detail aligned perfectly with the ultimate objective.


    Under Construction

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